Business Data Mining

Mining data for real business value

Business data mining offers services in these specific area:

  • Business data mining   ( 0 Articles )

    Data mining service to find out the real value of your business data.

  • Doamin name picking service   ( 0 Articles )

    We also focus on domain name picking service, which is really money saver and maker. It's the very first and most important step for online business.

  • SEO   ( 1 Article )

    Search engine optimization

  • Website developement   ( 1 Article )

    Develop website that is really meaningful and useful for your business, which including the e-commerce website, which is the online 24-7 money machine nowadays for the business.

  • Internet marketing   ( 0 Articles )

    Internet marketing that focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is modern cost-effective marketing process!

    We also provide other internet marketing service like affiliate/sales channel development, price research, product management, public relationship and online/offline promotion.

  • ERP   ( 0 Articles )

    Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation and customization. We specialize in Compiere, which is open source well developed supply chain platform with both comprehensive back (warehouse) and front (e-commerce website) ends well tighten into one good working piece.We also provide integration service for your existing system if needed.



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